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About this Business

Our goal is to eliminate euthanasia of healthy, adoptable cats and kittens; promote sterilization (spay/neuter); work collaboratively with local shelters in a foster/adoption/TNR program; and educate the community about the importance of sterilization, permanent identification, adopting kittens in pairs and making a lifetime commitment as an adopter. We are working to… -Increase cat and kitten rescues and adoptions, -educate the community about overpopulation and the importance of permanent identification, -and end the needless euthanasia of cats and kittens in our community. Call us today to visit our appointment-only adoption center, or you can see some of our adoptable cats at PetSmart in Spokane Valley!

What this place offers

Pet adoption service

Dog Grooming

Pet boarding service

Pet Adoption Service

Animal Rescue Service

Animal Shelter

Things to know

When booking any of our services, we need you to know those basic informations to make your experience better on our platform

Vaccination Requirements
We require all pets to be current on their Rabies vaccination. with a minimum requirement for a pet to be vaccinated is 48 hours prior to the start of service.
Service Pricing
Services and pricing mav vary by location. Price Quoted is based on the individual needs of your pet, e.g. coat condition, size, breed, etc.
Cancellation policy
Free cancellation for 48 hours. If cancelling within 4 hours of an appointment. please contact the service provider
Booking Requirements
To maintain a certain quality of service we need a minimum informations verification : Full name Email address Confirmed phone number Pet informations(name, breed, age, size...)